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I help boost sales for brands, ensuring predictable growth and improved cash flow, without spending more on ads.


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I create effective content for brands to help them achieve business goals. I primarily serve the
financial, entertainment, media, and tech industries.


I can create the right strategy for your business using a smart, efficient, and creative approach.

Advertising Strategy

I can design the ideal media strategy for your goals and do more with less.


I write copy that motivates your prospects to take action.

Hi, I’m Dina Marovich.


I’m a highly experienced global marketer, copywriter, and advertising strategist.
I can’t say I’ve seen and done it all … but I’ve come close!
Companies of all sizes have trusted me to help grow their business and turn their audiences into paying customers.
Throughout my storied career, I’ve seen massive changes in the way people consume media. And I’ve had a front row seat to all of it.
I was a senior entertainment executive for over two decades. And I can say without reservation that the need to reach audiences in more creative and non-traditional ways has never been greater.
Your digital content needs to work harder than ever to convert your prospects into paying customers, as paid advertising gets more expensive and marketing budgets continue to shrink.
I know what makes content engaging and effective. Equally important, I know how to leverage it to help you achieve your aggressive business goals.
I have personally overseen thousands of campaign launches totaling billions of dollars, from initial conception to final execution. And I’ve had a hand in every step of the process.
I have managed annual marketing budgets, from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars in some of the most competitive industries around.
If you’re constantly challenged to do more with less in your business and are in need of some fresh content, or simply a fresh perspective that’s completely customized to your business — let’s talk.


In 2023, I had the honor of presenting Pixar with the prestigious Monolith Award at the Google Spruce Goose venue in Playa Vista.

The Monolith Awards are produced by the Infinity Festival, which serves as a convergence point for the brightest minds in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, where we collectively celebrate the seamless integration of storytelling and technology under the theme “Story Advanced by Technology.”

The occasion features meticulously curated exhibitions, engaging panels, captivating screenings, and exclusive special events, showcasing the remarkable synergy between creativity and innovation.

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Marketing Services

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