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In 2023, I had the honor of presenting Pixar with the prestigious Monolith Award at the Google Spruce Goose venue in Playa Vista.

The Monolith Awards are produced by the Infinity Festival, which serves as a convergence point for the brightest minds in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, where we collectively celebrate the seamless integration of storytelling and technology under the theme “Story Advanced by Technology.”

The occasion features meticulously curated exhibitions, engaging panels, captivating screenings, and exclusive special events, showcasing the remarkable synergy between creativity and innovation.

Smart Strategies
That Grow Your Business

After more than two decades as a senior level corporate marketer, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges business professionals like you face. You’re often challenged to do more with less, and you have to do it better (and faster) than the last time you did it.

While no two businesses are the same, the one tactic that garners tangible results is creating compelling, shareable content, be that videos, sales pages, multimedia promotions, social media, emails, or any combination of these.

And sometimes, you don’t even know where to begin. That’s where I can help. I’ve been in the corporate trenches, led large and diverse teams, and held key roles at major global organizations. I enjoy helping growing businesses make the most of their resources in a strategic, innovative, and efficient manner.

I take great pride in being a strategic marketing advisor, and I look forward to discussing how I can make a positive difference in your business too.

What my clients say


Marketing Services

Tailored to your audience to drive optimal results for your business.

Direct Response Copywriting

Drive Immediate Action Through Persuasive Writing.

Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

Captivate, Convert, and Close new customers by Elevating Your Sales with Video Sales Letters.

Video Scripts

Bring Your Brand to Life with Dynamic Video Scripts that Engage and Influence.

Email Campaigns

Unlock the Power of Persuasion with Email Campaigns That Drive Results.

Sales Pages

Transform Clicks into Conversions with Sales Pages That Win.

Opt-In Pages

Cultivate Connections and Grow Your Audience with Expertly Crafted Opt-In Pages.

Content Writing

Inform, Engage, and Convert through Written Content.

Blog Posts/Advertorials

Fuel Your Brand’s Storytelling Engine with Engaging Content.

SEO Writing

Boost Your Online Presence with SEO-Optimized Content That Ranks.


Your Story, Your Legacy through sharing Your Vision in an E-Book.


Harness the Power of In-Depth Research with Our Whitepapers Drive Thought Leadership.

Case Studies

Let Your Results Speak for You through Impactful Case Studies for Your Brand.

Marketing Services

Elevating Brands and Driving Growth Through Proven Strategies.

Marketing Consulting

Maximize ROI and Strategy with Our Expert Marketing Consultants Services.

Content & Media Strategy

From Vision to Visibility, Our Strategy Shapes Your Brand’s Narrative.

Budget Allocation/Optimization

Your Path to Profitable Spending by Having Us Optimize Your Budget Wisely.

Advertising Strategy

Achieve Advertising Excellence with Data-Driven Strategy and Insights.

Multimedia Promotions

From Concept to Connection, we’ll Craft Memorable Multimedia Marketing Campaigns.

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